Hirth Fine Art is a modern and contemporary art gallery founded in 2013. The gallery made the decision to focus solely on the six artists with which it has built the closest expertise over the last decade: Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Alex Katz, Frank Stella, Ed Ruscha and Roy Lichtenstein. 

Unique in the curation of its prints and multiples, the gallery has advised new and established collectors alike on its extensive selection of Picasso’s ceramic works, and its growing collection of editions of some of the leading works of the American post-abstract scene. 

Hirth Fine Art fosters long-term relationships with clients, collectors and its associated gallery network. The gallery has helped put thousands of Picasso ceramics in collections worldwide, and is well-recognized for shifting the ground toward oft-overlooked aspects of Picasso’s body of work.

Hirth Fine Art takes pride in having built focused and thoughtful collections for its clients, and continues to do so.